Welcome to Discovering Orthodoxy 

The aim of Discovering Orthodoxy is to present the ancient and yet timeless truths of the Orthodox Faith to those who are seeking to understand for the first time, and to those who wish to gain a deeper appreciation of what they have already experienced.

The content of the site is made up of videos, audio presentations and written materials intended to help visitors understand the Orthodox Faith, and find answers to some of the questions that many people come to ask. The aim is that this site will provide comprehensive, but easily accessible information and instruction about the Orthodox Faith.

The materials on this website have been produced by Father Peter Farrington, a priest of the Coptic Orthodox Church, serving in the UK under the care of His Grace Bishop Misael, of the Diocese of the Midlands. Father Peter was brought up in a devout and committed Evangelical Christian home and began a journey towards the Orthodox Faith while he was studying for three years at an Evangelical Bible College in preparation for service as a pastor and missionary.

Father Peter Farrington became a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church over 24 years ago, and has been a priest of the Coptic Orthodox Church for 9 years. The materials he presents here are the fruit of his own experience of becoming Orthodox. In the past decades he has committed himself to a detailed study of the Orthodox Faith, and has written extensively on theological and spiritual topics.

He has published many books, including a volume of his papers and articles on theological subjects as Orthodox Christology, and more recently a volume of apologetics, Orthodox Christianity – A Reasonable Faith.

Many of his books are intended to help youth within the Church, and enquirers outside the Church to experience for themselves the transforming riches of the Orthodox spiritual Tradition. Over the last few years he has also produced several TV series with CYC, CTV and Aghapy TV, and some of the programmes produced for these channels appear as materials on this site.