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New Unit published 4th November
The Discovering Orthodoxy online catechesis has just published a fifth unit in the Beginning with Prayer series considering the practice of unceasing prayer.

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Course Catalogue

In this introductory unit Father Peter Farrington describes the structure of the course material, and H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim speaks about the value of catechesis, or spiritual instruction.

A short essay considers some of the thoughts of St Cyril of Jerusalem in regard to catechesis, while a brief Bible Study invites students to consider the necessary aspect of study as part of the Orthodox Christian life.  

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What is Faith?
In this unit Father Peter Farrington invites us to consider the nature of Christian Faith. It is often parodied as belief without reason or a naive trust in myths and legends. On the contrary the Christian faith is something reasonable, grounded in experience and evidence.

Is it necessary to have faith to be able to benefit from an Orthodox catechesis? Father Peter describes the different varieties and degrees of faith, and finds the beginning of faith in the desire to know God.  

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Evidence for God
In this unit Father Peter Farrington considers whether science requires an atheistic point of view, or whether it is possible and reasonable to engage in scientific studies while also believing that there is an intelligent and purposeful creator.

The unit also considers the variety of scientific evidence which allows scientists to consider that the existence of God makes most sense. 

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Beginning with .. Church History
In this unit H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate will be introducing the study of Church History as a necessary aspect of our catechesis.

It is we look back to the life of the Church that we learn how to live in the present and with hope for the future.

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Discovering Orthodox Online Catechesis Course

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The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is pleased to announce that a new Orthodox Catechesis course - Discovering Orthodoxy, will be launched on the 1st January, 2013. This course will contain between 50 and 100 short units of one hour of study covering every aspect of our Orthodox Faith. The course is designed for those who would like to learn about the Orthodox Faith for the first time, and those who are Orthodox and want to know more about their Faith.

Contributors to the course will include bishops, priests, theologians, academics and qualified deacons and laity from a wide range of Orthodox communities and congregations. Each unit will consist of approximately one hour of reading materials, with audio and video content, together with suggestions for further study.

Register for this course now for FREE, and learn more about some of the topics being covered on our Orthodox Catechesis page.

Message from H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim

"Catechesis is an essential component of the church's ministry and I warmly support this latest initiative of the London School of Orthodox Studies. A commitment to sharing the Apostolic faith and tradition is not only a witness to the catholicity of the Orthodox Church but also a precious token of love to those of other Christian traditions or none. In each generation our fathers have faced the challenges of their Age but this inexhaustible spiritual nourishment has never failed to sustain and strengthen those who feast on it".

Introductory Video

Father Peter Farrington introduces the Discovering Orthodox online catechesis, and H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim speaks about catechesis in this short video.

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

The vision of the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is to offer a wide selection of courses for Orthodox Christians, and those who are interested in Orthodox Christianity, through distance learning programmes that allow students to study anywhere in the world, and at their own pace.

LSOCS is rooted in the Orthodox Tradition of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, that is, the Armenian, Coptic, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Indian and Syrian Orthodox Churches. Although much of the substance of this Orthodox Tradition is shared with members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, nevertheless the Oriental Orthodox Churches have their own cultural and historical experience which requires an educational approach which takes this into account.

The LSOCS has been established to meet this need, and although based in the city of London, in the UK, it is producing high quality programmes of study that can be accessed by students from around the world.

Council of Reference

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is advised by a Council of Reference which includes H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, H.G. Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian of the Armenian Orthodox Church, and H.G. Metropolitan Dr. Mathews Thimothios of the Indian Orthodox Church.

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